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Assignment Rules

1. There are three assignment groups: Novice, Intermediate and Advanced. New members have the choice of joining either the Novice group or the Intermediate group. Members who are placed first in a group in an assignment during the year move up one group to either the Intermediate or Advanced group at the start of the next year.

2. All assignments will be digital images.

3. All submitted images should be new to the assignments. As such an image may not be submitted to more than one assignment, although the same image may be submitted again to a friendly competition, to a critique night or to an external competition. This rule is introduced in the spirit of encouraging new material.

4. A maximum of three digital images may be entered into one assignment per member, providing the original image has been produced using a camera (film, video, digital). Images may be colour or mono. The only accepted format of the image will be JPEG. The image files MUST have a .JPG extension.

5. The maximum image width is 1600 pixels and the maximum image height is 1200 pixels. Image colour space should be sRGB (even for Black and White).

6. The file name should consist of three parts, first your member number (the three digit number you got from the Treasurer when you paid your subscription), second a space and one of A, B or C, and third another space and the title of the image. The A, B and C will only come into play when we have a large number of entries to an assignment, then to limit the load on the judge we'll chop off the "C" images, and if still a problem the "B" images. We've never had to do this so far! So if your member number was 999 and the title of your image was Arctic Sunset then a filename might look like "999 A Arctic Sunset.jpg".

7. All assignment entries must be with the Internal Competitions Secretary at the designated time or they will not be eligible for that assignment. They should be sent to .

8. All images submitted must fit the theme of the assignment. Judges will be asked to critique and provide detailed feedback on all images, short-listing their favourite three on the night for the Novice group, the Intermediate group and the Advanced group. At their discretion, judges may also commend images.

9. Placed and commended assignment images will be uploaded to the Club’s closed Facebook Group and to the Club website. Website pages will have restricted access and only members who have logged in to the website will be able to see them.

Photographer of the Year

The scoring system in use for determining the "Photographer of the Year" is three points for first place in a particular group, two points for a second and one point for a third. Also every image submitted gets one point in addition to any points for coming first, second or third. Judges of assignments who are club members receive three points for each assignment judged as they cannot enter the assignments themselves.

Photograph of the Year

Each year members will be asked to select one of their images for the Photograph of the Year Competition. To qualify, the image must have featured in one or more of the following Club activities during the previous 12 months:

  • Entered into an assignment
  • Part of an image exchange
  • Entered in an external competition
  • Shown at a meeting
  • Posted on the Club Facebook page or Club website

Members will then each allocate scores to the images which have been entered to the competition. The winner plus second and third places will be announced at the AGM.

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